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Echo Force Zero: Vol1 Echo Force Zero: Vol1

Rated 3 / 5 stars

...Art needs work...

Honestly the music and voices where not that bad and I had no problems with them; however, the art is not good and the story could use some work. The story just seems to be too simple at this current point and the way the characters are introduced is poor but since this is the first episode I will not criticize that factor too much for it is just the opening and I can understand how opening something can be troubling. The art has no excuse though, the art is poorly done throughout the entire episode and almost convinced me to close the video because how much the art was ruining the episode. I had to stop at one point and think of how this would be if it was just audio without the art and I found it to be much better. The art has proportional problems all over the place. The face, although still bad, I will not be too harsh on because it could be considered "unique" for its style but still has little feel for the proportions of the face. The bodies on the other hand were often disgruntled and distorted in the fashions that they were provided. The shoulders were often found to be tense, the arms often just stubs, and the chest found to have some odd shape as if the top magically was wider than the bottom. Their were numerous other problems associated to the proportions of the body but not as bad. Overall this would do fine if the artist could fix the problems and make the art cleaner and more professional.

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LewToons responds:

yes i am aware my proportions and anatomy needs a lot of work - - but i'm not a professional - i'm just a guy who does this as a hobby and i need to practice just like anyone - - but honestly - if you thought the art was THAT bad...i don't know how you watch much on this site.

The Art Room The Art Room

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very Impressive

I must say you are genius. The whole idea is very well played out and shows true understand and value for the work at hand in an art piece. As an artist I was able to truly recognize and be intrigued by the work that was put forth. Although the different values were shown through the parts of art, I would have liked to see more skill put into some of the objects. The music was also a very nice addition to the piece. Overall, an impressive piece.

Lynkusu responds:

Haha, thank you. :) I would have liked to spend more time on it, but unfortunately I only had a week to make it. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

American Pokemon American Pokemon

Rated 1 / 5 stars


I can't understand really...The animation, voices, and sounds were all good but the story line and subject matter was disturbing and inappropriate. I wish that you could use your abilities for something else that would not be so obscure as this flash. Tumors are not a joke and people do die from them...

Why 6 Was Afraid Of 7 Why 6 Was Afraid Of 7

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Think thing through more...

I don't even understand...Please think things through before you just make an animation and upload it. Anyone could have created that story line it is way too simple and shows nothing special. The voices and music are annoying (there are no voices just screaming at one point) The worst part is probably the references you made including the one to 69...I mean really? PLEASE think things through with the story or your wasting my time, your time, and others time.

re:defined - Drunkload re:defined - Drunkload

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


I decided to finally look at this video because I needed a break from work; unfortunately this was a complete waste of my time. The voice is very good and adds to the affect; however, the video is just a random definition of a word with little thought or care. The video wouldn't be that bad, but you have little humor and that humor unfortunately is not not funny and includes pictures that I would prefer to not see when browsing the internet. Please rethink your work and give something decent that would make it worth my time to watch.

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